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Taiwan Sunnyhills Pineapple Cake (16 piece)

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Taiwan Sunnyhills Pineapple Cake (16 piece)

Product Information
Ingredients : Boiled fresh pineapple, Butter, Flour, Egg, Sugar, Milk powder
Net Weight : 50g±8% (each piece)
Nutrition Information: Calories 201.5kcal, Protein 2.4g, Total Fat 7.9g(of which 5.3g are saturates, 0g is trans), Carbohydrate 30.4g, Suger 15.6g, Dietary Fiber 1.4b, Sodium 92.5mg
Best Before : 3 weeks from baked date
Lacto-ovo vegetarian
Please store cakes in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight

Without hurry, and without additives, our sun-ripened pineapples are peeled, cut, and slow- cooked into rich, golden paste.

Holding this is our ingot-shaped butter shell, made from a careful selection of ingredients: all natural New Zealand butter, gourmet Japanese flour, and healthy plump-yoked eggs—each one traceable to its origin.

Such is the creation of our head baker, who distils his 50 years of experience into this honest-to-goodness recipe. We call these cakes, simply, Sunny Delights.

Pineapple Cake

What sunshine tastes like …
if it was a cake

We source the ingredients directly from farmers and suppliers who share our values – trustworthiness, generosity, attention to detail.

Our eggs come from a farmer who plays classical music for his hens. We use native pineapples sourced directly from local family farms.

The kitchen is helmed by a master baker with fifty years of experience and the simple philosophy of baking with joy, pride, and passion.

Our pineapple cakes taste the way they do because of the warmth of the sunny red earth hills of Bagua Mountain – the warmth of the sun.

We call this "Sunny Delights".