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Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets 24 coins

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Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets 24 coins

These Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets coins and Asian Edition Book were available for a short period. Now becoming hard to find and very collectable.

The complete collection is 24 different coins. We will give Rare Asian Edition book for free.

Coins are UK edition.(Coins are made in UK and each coin has the Harry Potter logo on one side and a different character or object from the film on the other.)

The coins book is in Rare Asian edition. (not sell in UK or other country, only sell in Asia and it is limited editoin!~very collectable!~)

Most our customers are Harry Potter collector whom like collect different Harry Potter item. We spend a lot time to get this collectable Rare Asian Edition Coin Book from HP market. All our customer are love this item and always return a positives feedback and told us it is good item for collectable.

The complete set of coins are:

1. Harry Potter
2. Hermione Granger
3. Ron Weasley
4. Draco Malfoy
5. Rubeus Hagrid
6. Hedwig
7. Flying Car
8. Dobby
9. Professor Snape
10. Professor McGonagall
11. Professor Dumbledore
12. Professor Lockhart
13. Hogwart's Crest
14. Hogwart's Castle
15. Hogwart's Express
16. Potions
17. Gryffindor
18. Slytherin
19. Hufflepuff
20. Ravenclaw
21. Ginny Weasley
22. Fawkes
23 Basilisk
24. Sorting Hat