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Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro P1000 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Cards

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Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro P1000 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Cards

Full Professional Performance and Features in a Small Form Factor
Pascal GPU
640 NVIDIA® CUDA® Cores
4 GB GDDR5 CPU Memory
Up to 80GB/s Memory Bandwidth
PCI Express 3.0 System Interface
1.894 TELOPS FP32 Peak single-precision floating point performance(board)
47W Max Power Consumption
4x mDP 1.4 Display Connectors
4x 4096x2160 @ 60Hz Display Resolution
4x 5120x2880 @ 60Hz Display Resolution
4GB GDDR5 Memory Capacity
Combines a 640 CUDA core Pascal GPU, 4 GB GDDR5 on-board memory and advanced display technologies in a low-profile form factor to deliver amazing graphics performance for demanding professional applications
Pascal Dynamic Load Balancing
Dynamically allocate GPU resources for graphics and compute tasks as needed to maximize resource utilization
Mini-DisplayPort 1.4
Support HDR color for 4K @ 60Hz for 10/12b HEVC encode and up to 4K @ 60Hz for 10b HEVC decode
Multiple GPU Technology
Combine the visualization and interactive design capability of multiple GPUs by leveraging a mix of Quadro GPUs to dramatically improve the production workflow
Advanced Display Features
DisplayPort 1.4
- DP 1.4 provides twice the bandwidth of the previous generation
- Drive up to four 5K displays simultaneously
- HDR support displays 2x the visible colors resulting in brighter, more saturated images
Multiple Display
Combine up to four Quadro GPUs in one system to simplify the deployment of display walls or other immersive display environments
H.264 and HEVC Encode /Decode
Creation and playback of HDR video with 4K @ 60Hz 10b/12b HEVC encode and 4K @ 60Hz 10b HEVC decode engines
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