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Wacom Intuos4 PTK-540WL Wireless Graphic Tablet


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Wacom Intuos4 PTK-540WL Wirless Graphic Tablet

Intuos4 Wireless offers all the great features of the Intuos4 line, plus the freedom and reliability of Bluetooth® connectivity. Experience Wacom’s first professional-level wireless pen tablet – Intuos4 Wireless.

Comfort and Relaxation
Different artists like to work in their own unique way. While some of the tools they use may be the same, their workspaces and tablet interaction varies from person to person. Whether on a desk or on a lap, Intuos4 Wireless provides comfort, versatility, and the ability to work in a relaxed position – all without the clutter of cables.

Work With a Friend
By using Bluetooth® technology, Intuos4 Wireless allows for multiple simultaneous connections. In a work environment it is an ideal solution for collaboration on creative projects. In the classroom, Intuos4 is perfect for shared interaction among teachers and students.

What a Feeling
As with all Intuos4 pen tablets, Intuos4 Wireless uses Wacom’s new pen tip sensor technology, which delivers precise pressure control starting with as little as one gram of pressure. Combined with 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity and 60 degrees of tilt recognition, Intuos4 Wireless offers

Discover the tool used by professionals to turn their ideas into reality. With a new design and features inspired by your feedback, Intuos4 represents the finest pen tablet experience ever created by Wacom. Find out why millions of creative professionals trust us with their ideas.

1. New Tip Sensor Technology
No other tablet currently on the market offers the same level of sophistication that the Intuos4 pen provides. Our new Tip Sensor technology allows you to adjust the activation level to as low as 1 gram compared with 10 grams for Intuos3 (3 grams is our default setting). This means that you can draw and paint with a natural, light touch. And, 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity combined with a new more natural pressure curve (also adjustable) means that drawing on your tablet is closer to drawing on paper than ever before. Intuos3, Bamboo series, Graphire series...nothing compares to the new Intuos4. Feeling is believing.

2. ExpressKey Displays
on Intuos4 Medium, Large and X-Large. Never forget your ExpressKey settings again. Our new OLED ExpressKey Displays provide instant visual confirmation of your functions. The ExpressKey Displays will immediately update when you switch between your favorite applications. If you prefer to keep your eyes on your screen, press the ExpressKey set to Help and all of your settings, including your four Touch Ring functions, will appear full screen in front of you.

3. Ambidextrous Design
Just rotate the tablet 180 degrees, and change the orientation in the Control Panel to switch between right-handed and left-handed use (default orientation is set when you first install from the driver CD). With our new design, all of the ExpressKeys are available to your non-dominent hand. There is no need to reach across the tablet for your shortcuts and you can work without fear of accidently activating keys with your pen hand.

4. Radial Menus
We are proud of the pop-up menus that you used with your Intuos3 tablet. But with the new Intuos4 radial menus, your email, favorite websites and commonly used commands/shortcuts are at the tip of your pen. The radial menus are fully customizable and it's a breeze to create sub-menus. The radial menus will save you time and energy.

5. Precision Mode
New to Intuos4 is Precision Mode. Do you need to create intricate details at the pixel level? Activate Precision Mode and the full active area of your tablet maps to a portion of your screen. With Precision Mode, you can use larger strokes that translates into a smaller part of your canvas. Create finer detailed work than ever before.

BENEFITS - Natural Feel
Within minutes of using Intuos4, you will feel the difference. Intuos4 achieves the most natural pen experience possible with the introduction of Wacom's new Tip Sensor. One of the revelations achieved by this new Tip Sensor is that pen activation starts at just 1 gram of pressure. This means that you can start painting and drawing with a feather light touch. And, this new technology has been improved to continue to deliver consistently over time, meaning your pen will feel and perform the same way throughout its life.

With our customers, the saying "Different strokes for different folks," certainly holds true. Some artists like the feel of a soft bristled paintbrush. Others like the harder texture of a pencil or felt pen. Every Intuos4 comes with four different types of nibs (flex, felt, stroke and, standard) to simulate the feel of your favorite writing instrument. The nibs, combined with the overlay surface sheet, produce a natural, versatile creative experience.

BENEFITS - High Performance
Millions of creative professionals have depended on Intuos as the premier pen tablet in the industry. Intuos4 builds on that standard and sets the bar even higher. It's not just a great looking tablet. Intuos4 backs up its stylish design with excellent performance. With the new Wacom Tip Sensor, the Intuos4 pen delivers natural feel plus 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity. This enhanced pressure sensitivity means better performance and accuracy in your favorite applications. Artists have said that they are able to draw more precise lines in Photoshop with Intuos4 than they ever could before.

Increased pressure sensitivity is not the only performance benefit. The Intuos4 pens can sense both the angle and direction of tilt up to 60 degrees in all directions for realistic drawing. The detection height of the pen has been increased to 10 mm for more responsive cursor control. Users of the Intuos4 Art Pen will enjoy 360 degrees of barrel rotation to draw graceful lines with the feel of a natural writing instrument. Other testaments to the Intuos4 performance are its 5,080 lpi (lines per inch) tablet resolution and 200 pps (points per second) reporting rate.

BENEFITS - Enhanced Control
For digital content creators, the tablet is their canvas that makes everything possible. The Intuos4 "canvas" offers unmatched control that cannot be realized in the analog world. While working in your favorite drawing application, switch to Precision Mode and you will be able to use broad strokes that translate into a smaller working area. The result is pinpoint accuracy and the ability to introduce details that cannot be achieved in the regular mode.

The enhanced control with Intuos4 also extends to your monitor. For the many users with multiple monitor set-ups, Intuos4 features a convenient Display Toggle function that can switch monitors at the push of a button. Each monitor can take advantage of the tablet's full active area and can be mapped individually. Instead of having to divide your tablet's active area across more than one monitor, each monitor can enjoy a one-to-one relationship with your tablet with absolute positioning.

Display toggle functionality is not the only convenient monitor control. Supporting the ambidextrous industrial design, the tablet to monitor orientation can be changed quickly and easily. This handy feature allows for the ExpressKeys to always have the correct orientation for both right-handers and left-handers. But that is not all. The same control panel setting allows for easy switching between landscape and portrait modes. With Intuos4, you are in complete control.


Technical Specifications



(Model No.)
Technology EMR (Electro magnetic resonance)
Physical Size
(W x D x H)
309 x 208 x 12 mm
370 x 254 x 12 mm
474 x 320 x 14 mm
623 x 462 x 28 mm
363 x 253 x 15 mm
Tablet Weight
0.7 kg (1.54 lbs)
1.0 kg (2.20 lbs)
1.8 kg (3.96 lbs)
3.5 kg (7.72 lbs)
1.0kg with battery (2.2 lb)
Active area (W x D)
157.5 x 98.4 mm
223.5 x139.7 mm
325.1 x 203.2 mm
487.7 x 304.8 mm
203.2mm x 127mm
Active area (inches)
6 x 4
9 x 6
13 x 8
19 x 12
8 x 5
ExpressKey Displays
2 (one beside each set of four Express Keys)
ExpressKey Display Resolution
64 x 128 dots
Touch Ring 1 Touch Ring with 4 settings switchable via Toggle Button
Tablet Pressure Levels 2,048 levels
Tablet Resolution 5080 lpi
Accuracy (Pen) +/-0.25 mm
Accuracy (Lens Cursor)
+/-0.15 mm
+/-0.15 mm
Tilt Sensitivity
(all pens)
+/-50 degrees
+/-60 degrees
Reading Height (Pen) 10 mm
Report rate 200 pps (points per second)
Interface USB wireless/USB
Bundled Software Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 6 (Mac)/7 (Win), Corel® Painter™ Sketch Pad, Autodesk®
Sketchbook® Express, Nik® Color Efex™ 3.0 Sample Filters, Wacom Brushes