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ASUS USB CrossLink 2GB Cable


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ASUS USB CrossLink 2GB Cable

The ASUS CrossLink 2GB cable allows users to easily transfer files between two PCs with high speed and even share other functions such as Internet and optical disc drives.

Simply plug it into both computers and users can also instantly synchronize or transfer data between two USB enabled PC's with ease. (Windows XP, Vista or 7 required on both PC's)

A 2GB flash storage is also built-in into the dongle for you to store and share your files.

Best of all, no driver installation is required. It is as simple as Plug and Link!

Key Features
-No installation required, just Plug & Link!
-Transfer and synchronize data with another computer
-Share Internet connection with another computer
-Read data from optical drive of another computer
-2GB USB flash drive built-in

Data Link - Transfer data between 2 PCs
-Got a new PC? Want to copy all the files from your old Windows (XP or Vista) PC onto the new Windows 7 PC?
-Just use the CrossLink cable to connect both computers and start transferring date in between!
-All you have to do is simply dragging and dropping files on the windows, so easy and hassle-free! Data transfer rate is up to 20MB/s, meaning that most of your files transfer in mere seconds!

Folder Link - Sync user's data between 2 computers
-The Folder Link feature allows you to synchronize data easily between 2 computers in 3 ways:
1. Keep the contents consistent in both folders.
2. Copy all the files from the local folder to the remote folder.
3. Copy all the files from remote folder to the local folder.

Outlook Link - Sync Outlook data between 2 computers
-Do you depend on Outlook to get your work done?
-Just use the CrossLink cable to synchronize Outlook items on both computers.
-It can synchronize Contacts, Inbox, Calendar, Journal, Task, Note and Sent items.
-This is an automatic and convenient way to back up all your important emails.

Remote Share - Share Internet and DVD/CD Drive3
-Need to install a new software from a CD/DVD?
-The CrossLink cable allows your notebook or desktop's DVD/CD drive with your netbook.
-Next time when you go to your friend’s place, just put the CrossLink cable in your bag so you can share their optical drive!
-The sharing doesn't just stop there. CrossLink cable also allows Internet sharing!
-With the ASUS CrossLink cable, you can also share your Internet connection from one computer to another.
-Imagine in an environment without wireless connectivity, and you only have 1 LAN cable, but 2 computers that need to use the Internet, if you have the CrossLink cable with you, Woohoo, problem solved!

Flash Share - Manage your files on the USB flash drive
-The CrossLink cable includes a 2GB flash drive.
-With this convenient storage built right in, you can transfer filers/folders onto the flash drive by dragging and dropping the files.
-Included is a smart user interface allowing you to categorize and quickly search for a specific type of files.

O/S Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Interface: High-Speed USB 2.0 or USB 1.1

Cable Length: 4 feet

Flash Drive Dimension: 2.1 x 0.8 x 0.48 inches(WxHxD)

Color: Black

System Requirements: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP / 1.0 GHz CPU or faster / 512MB RAM minimum / 100MBhard drive storage / Built-in USB port 1.1 or 2.0

Net Weight (estimated): 0. 1 lbs