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SuperHeadz Digital Harinezumi 2++ Black Rain


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SuperHeadz Digital Harinezumi VERSION 2++ Digial Camera [Black Rain Limited Edition]

One key point of the Digital Harinezumi is that it never is the same. We intend to tweak the image quality with every new lot, every month. Some will even have an entirely different lens. This is our plan, to bring even more views, more uniqueness to each of these cameras. Don't worry about asking what the quality of the next one will be, we do not even know, it is much like the personality of a new born baby.

You looked away and now Digital Harinezumi's evolved again! Let us introduce Digital Harinezumi Double Plus. And yes, these plusses are practical! Equipped with functions sure to please heavy users worldwide.

For the 1st plus, we took the hidden monochrome mode, and elevated it to an official function. It can now be activated from within the menu. Good news surely for everyone who's had to mash through that button sequence each and every time!

When you turn off the power the setting remains, so it's also possible to use this as a dedicated monochrome camera. With a growing core of fans devoted to this function, we've had plenty of requests for this one, so here you are!

The 2nd plus is the ability to turn sound on or off while recording a movie. We love to hear the sounds this little mic and speaker combination can make, but there's a simple appeal to those silent slices of motion created by first generation DHs that's hard to shake. DH movie junkies - we hear you!

Oh, and one more plus: You can now choose to preview your shots while taking photos! Initially we intentionally left the preview screen blank - we wanted to bring back the fun and freedom of taking photos without foreseeing the result. But, recently, an ever increasing number of heavy users using digital harinezumis to create have told us what they want is to be able see what they're taking!

You only got half the cute models face in the shot? OH NO! From now on that wont happen. Of course you can always go back and turn preview mode off.

So, you see, it's all got a little more fun!

This is the Digital Harinezumi, a charming little camera.

Picture Quality






Sensor Type

CMOS Sensor




Focal Range




Approx. 3cm


f=4.0mm(35mm film equivalent:38mm),F=3.0



White Balance


Self Timer


File Type


Movie:AVI(w/ sound)


Micro SD (Up to 2GB)

Micro SDH (Up to 16GB)