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Besta CD-323 Electronic Dictionary

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  • Brand:Besta
    Package Weight:700gram
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Items Brief:


BESTA CD-323 English-Chinese Electronic Dictionary!

Package included:

1. CD-323 Electronic Dictionary (qty. 1)

2. USB cable (qty. 1)

3. CD disk (qty. 1)

4. Rechargeable battery + Universal adaptor (qty. 1)

5. Case (qty. 1)

6. Earphone (qty. 1)

7. Besta warranty card (qty. 1)


Besta CD-323 Electronic Dictionary is small, light weight, easy to fit your hand suitable any of the handheld bag or pocket.

CD -323 is high performance design, low power consumption, portable, compact size, Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary fuction Built-in.

If you have the Besta CD-323, you are able to use English/Chinese Sentence Translation function any time any where.

4,000,000 Vocabulary

Chinese and English sentence translation

Ttranslation correct adjustment

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary Function Built-in

Cambridge Encyclopedia, ranked top 5 in the world for popular encyclopedias, with approx. 4,000,000 headwords, phrases and definitions.

Largest professional dictionaries database, including 165 volumes of terminology and technical term dictionaries compiled by Besta, National Institute for Compilation and Translation (Taiwan), National Science and Technology Terms Standard Committee (China), the best reference tool for professionals, students and researchers.

Pre-installed and expandable Travel Dialogues and Multilingual Dialogues available in 13 languages with real human voice(Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Thai, Cantonese, Vietnamese, ).

Animation grammar and phrase

Special syllable pronunciation and clear tone

Provides users to download dictionaries from website

Senterce Translation

Searching or input words to search its explanations

Input words you want to search and access the explanation screen for viewing data

Data Search- Provides many kinds of search methods to help users

A wide coverage of English entries with detailed Chinese Explanations

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Covers an abundance of Chinese words/idions with Detailed English

Provides the etymons, original meanings and syllable pronunciation

Download your desired professional dictionaries from website

Multiples Dictinaries Search

Provides users to download dictionaries from website to supply the corresponding dictinoaries in the unit

Add new words/characters which are not contained in dictionaries.

Size: 8.7 x  12.8 x 1.8cm

Weight: 160g

*Besta Notice: Only Black color available now!!