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VicoVation VICO-DS2 Car Camcorder

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VicoVation VICO-DS2 EZ-Pack Car Camcorder

H.264 compression, less mosaic
All New Vico-DS2 applies new H.264 compression engine. It provides the same image quality as DVD(Blue-Ray Disc) level’s. Vico-DS2 captures every moment with more details. 
H.264 compression is half size of Mpeg4 one. It displays less mosaic and more true colors. 
Larger monitor, clearer display
2.4” LCD monitor makes it easy to adjust your view angle, change settings, and make instant display/playback. Vico-DS2 applies 480x234 dots 2.4” TFT LCD monitor. Large monitor provides easier setting interface and shows more details when playback. 
75°C – the proof of quality
Even if temperature goes high in cars during summer daytime, Vico-DS2 never stops recording. Vico-DS2 doesn’t apply Li-ion battery. It applies super capacitors which can sustain high temp. When the engine shuts down accidentally, Vico-DS1 can save the file and shut down correctly. SD card will not be damaged, and the file will not corrupt. Generally, Li-ion battery can be unstable or the lifetime will be effected under high temperature environment. Vico-DS1 can sustain 75°C high temperature. 
Image Inverse
You may install Vico-DS2 on windscreen or dashboard with image inverse function activated.  Vico-DS2 can activate with image inverse function for upside down installation on dashboard, the user interface will change accordingly. 
Share me-featured video
VicoTag function embeds your own-setup 8 digits into videos and you may share the video with your own uniqueness. VicoTag function allows viewers to know who’s the director and origin for traffic videos or videos with wonderful scenery. 
Install Anywhere with 2 brackets
Vico-DS2 includes 2 kinds of bracket for windscreen or dashboard installation. 
Vico-DS2 offers 2 kinds of bracket, one for 3M sticker type short bracket and one for suction type long bracket. You may use sticker one to install Vico-DS2 in front of rear-view mirror for hiding it or use suction one with more flexibility installation on windscreen
F2.0 Megapixel Lens, Big Aperture
Vico-DS2 upgrades from F2.0 to F2.5 bigger aperture, providing better image quality during night viewing.  Vico-DS2 equipped with F2.0 Megapixel lens. It provides better sensitivity for video recording during night time. 
Full HD 1080p – simply more details.
Full HD video captures more details of the recorded scene. You don’t miss a thing while driving. Vico-DS2 applies 5Mega pixel hi-sensitivity CMOS sensor and hi-performance Compression engine. The images compressed into 1920x1080 progressive video with almost no mosaic. 1080p image area size is 2.2 times of 1280x720 and 6.7 times of 640x480. Full HD video can be displayed on 16:9 wide screen monitor via HDMI interface. 
120° sees more
Vico-DS2 applies high resolution 120° view-angle lens. The viewing scene through windshield is widely covered. Vico-DS2 equipped with hi-quality wide angle mega pixel lens, providing perfect image quality. Note: 120 ° view angle is available in 720p HD mode. 
One-shot time setting
Users only need to set up the date/time once. After a short trip or vehicle maintenance, Vico-DS1 boots up with updated date/time, and all settings will not be defaulted.  Vico-DS1 applies several super capacitors so that it not only sustains high temperature but also keep the status of date/time and settings up to 30days. The date/time and settings of other camcorders will be defaulted when they run out of battery. Vico-DS1 makes it one-shot. 
Seamless Recording
All new Vico-DS2 provides seamless recording while shooting videos. There is no frame drop during all recorded video clips in SDHC card. 
Default setting on Vico-DS2 is 5 minutes for each video clip (about 340MB). Hi-performance compression engine provides seamless recording between each video clips. 
Emergency record never loss
Press white button upon emergency; Vico-DS2 will save 30s video before and after the moment. This file will be reserved and locked without being recycled. 
Vico-DS2 will create two folders in SDHC card. One is for normal record and another is for emergency record. 1GB of the SDHC card is reserved for 15 sets of emergency records. The files will not be overwritten. Users can delete them after backup. Emergency record button is the white one. Press it or roll it to left/up/center to activate this function. 
File Lock function
Vico-DS2 provide file lock function to manually lock those important data to avoid overwriting. 
G-Sensor ! Auto trigger by collisions
Vico-DS2 can auto detect collisions to auto-trigger emergency recording by built-in G-sensor, avoiding important events overwriting.