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Instant EC510 Electronic Dictionary

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Instant EC510 English-Chinese Sentence Translation Dictionary!!

Package included:

1. EC510 Electronic Dictionary (qty. 1)

2. USB cable (qty. 1)

3. CD disk (qty. 1)

4. Rechargeable battery + Universal adaptor (qty. 1)

5. Instant Original Case (qty. 1)

6. Handwriting recognition pen(qty. 1)

7. Instant manufacturers limited warranty card (qty. 1) 

EC510 his unit is a high-technology product suiting for the development of the society and meeting the demands of customers.

5,500,000 Vocabulary.

WEN SHIN'S ADVANCE English-English and English-Chinese Dictionary with super sound real voice.

The use of the newest system for real voice pronunciation in MP3 format minimizes the problem of the loss of sound quality due to the compression of sound files as in the case of general electronic dictionaries. The vocabularies and phrases of the New Oxford Illustrated English-Chinese Dictionary and the English-Chinese Dictionary are all equipped with MP3 real voice pronunciation. The quality of our MP3 real voice pronunciation system is acknowledged the best in the industry. 

A brand new English-Chinese, Chinese-English, Chinese-Chinese, Japanese-Chinese and Chinese Japanese Dictionaries with the latest and biggest collection of words. Lots of modern-day vocabularies are added. Besides, syllable pronunciation function is added to some vocabularies of the English-Chinese dictionary. After you input a word and press the ※syllable§ key, you may listen to the pronunciation of every syllable of the word. This enables you to fundamentally master the correct pronunciation of vocabularies.

A special combination of Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary and English Dictionary for professional use; the New Oxford Illustrated English-Chinese Dictionary exclusively built-in with the newest and biggest collection of vocabulary as well as the function of encyclopedia; the Oxford Compact English Dictionary covering more than 350,000 entries, enabling a wide range of words.

The exclusive built-in English-Chinese and Chinese English sentence translation is the latest version using the most powerful core translation technologies. Together with the newest database and functions including proverb translation, idiom translation, slang and colloquial translation and sentence proofreading, the upgraded version helps solving difficulties in comprehending while reading.

The 12-language dictionary includes English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Portuguese, all equipped with real voice pronunciation system and a huge collection of vocabularies as well. In addition, there are French-Chinese, German-Chinese, Spanish-Chinese and Foreign dictionaries. Together with real voice pronunciation system, learning of foreign languages becomes so easy.

The new intelligent-searching function enables you to search the explanation of vocabulary immediately in other dictionaries after you input it. You may set the scope of searching by yourself, learning can then be much efficient.

Built-in animated dictionary and illustrated dictionary being perfect edutainment for all.