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CROCUS CSPP-220 Pico Projector

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CROCUS CSPP-220 Pico Projector (CSPP220 one unit)

CSPP-220 are CSPP-200 upgrade model, more Brightness.  

The brightness of Pico Projector has always been a challenge. People would like to have a product that is smaller than the mobile phone and brighter than the desktop projector. CSPP-220 is the closest so far. We know that increase in brightness. User can really feel the difference.  We have redesign the whole device and integrated the LED, Lens and CPU to fit into such compact size.It is now 5 times brighter than its predecessor. At the same time, we still enhance its image quality and play time. This is a major breakthrough in technology. You can feel it in your hand. Handheld size and cinema display. Extraordinary device that no others can compare.

Handholdable Mobile Phone Size

Tiny Size Big Brightness

In handheld size, we combined HDMI、VGA、AV、USB、MicroSD port. It can connect to iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, Smart phones, computers, camcorder, digital camera, DVD and Blueray players, Wii, XBox, PS3, PSP...etc. Built-in Micro SD card slot allow independent operation with just one Micro SD card. Sharing everywhere. This is other projectors can not achieve.

Owning CROCUS Pico Projector
-Begining of life change
-Sharing your every bit of your life
-Get closer to people you love
-Enjoy your fun anywhere with movies of games
-Efficiency at work, Presentation is ready anywhere and anytime
-So get use to Envy!

Each order gets one unit!
*Please check colors instock before purchase, otherwise Colors shipped randomly.