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Garmin GDR190 200° Driving Recorder Car Camcorder

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Items Brief:


Garmin GDR190 Wide-Angle 200° Driving Recorder Car Camcorder

GARMIN GDR190 200 ° super wide-angle driving record
 breaking field of vision limits

In recent years, almost tachograph has become one of the car must be equipped, in addition to driving security can also be recorded as a critical moment. But the market a wide range of tachograph numerous disputes arising because of the actual shooting angles are also many cases, what the real level of the wide-angle? Garmin is an important year in the choice of trying to convey to consumers when driving recorder concept, breadth, not with say, than they are to know the real vision, it is true level wide angle. Garmin also another breakthrough, breaking the limits vision, beyond the re-launch of the industry's level of specification 200 ° ultra-wide angle, you can not see the details recorded. More safe distance from the vehicle in front combined with FCWS parking status alerts and skimming function, not only passively records, more proactive protection!

 Product characteristics:

 1 Use F2.0 large aperture, high-sensitivity lens lighting to improve the amount of light into the night.
 2 beyond the industry real ultra wide-angle 200 ° horizontal, angle, small corner, faithful images without distortion.
 3 3.0-inch screen can keep abreast of the situation, while recording broadcast side, clearly and instantly watch the shooting screen.
 4 with GPS positioning function, you can record real-time traffic images, maps, tracks, coordinates, time and speed.
 5 built-in battery, continuous recording 90 minutes after fully charged, it encountered emergency power, accident recording and save the file more secure.
 6 vehicle traffic on the way to detect vibration, collision with an emergency brake, the system will automatically start G sensor collision sensors trigger an emergency recording, make sure the event is not intact replication.
 7 folding LCD screen designed to reduce user visual obstruction, without prejudice to the driving vision.
 8 front of the car detects an alert function that detects the vehicle in front of the car from, and in the distance is too close, supplemented tone.
 9. Built all over Taiwan Fixed speed camera digital data, traffic safety and more secure.
 10. Parking detection recording function, turn off power after the vehicle can also be continued into the parking recording mode (with optional battery GDR dedicated power line).

Specifications subject to change without notice